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Tom's pet sitting services

Our purpose is to provide safe, stress free care for animals whose owners are away and we provide in-home care only. That is, we look after your

pets in your home when you go on business trips or vacations.

Pets become extremely stressed in kennels. The stress comes from being

in a foreign environment surrounded by strange animals and people.

This is especially true for animals that have been adopted from a shelter.

Kenneling pets that have been abandoned, or traumatized may cause

them to revert to old negative behavior. Your pets do not understand

that you have only left for the weekend. What they do know is that the kennel is a strange environment, with ugly smells and strange animals.

Why should your pets have to leave the comfort and safety of your home just because you have to go out of town? Their food, toilet and favorite

toys are at home. The most important thing to them, your smell, is all around them. Your smell makes them feel safe and secure and reminds them of you. Something a kennel can never do.

These are just some of the reasons we provide in home care only.

Although it is not cruel or inhumane to put your pet in a kennel,

we believe the alternative we offer is healthier, safer and smarter.

Expect professional, reliable, loving care for your pets time and time again when you utilize our services.
We hold our sitters to the highest standards, and we strive to exceed your expectations in providing outstanding service with every visit!

If, for any reason, you are ever dissatisfied with our service, simply let us know. We will attend to it right away to make it right and ensure your satisfaction. Guaranteed.


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Chemin des Chèvres, 1292 Pregny-Chambésy, Geneva, Switzerland

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