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Date(s) - December 22, 2023
8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Post Tenebras Rock - L'Usine


Price (CHF): ENTRANCE: 20.- Pre-locs: 15.- PTR members: 10.- 20ans/20francs: 17.-



It's in Geneva
white wedding city
& drinking water jet
that Barrio Colette still signs matrimonial contracts.
As if Edith Piaf had married and
with Johnny Thunders
as if Brigitte Fontaine
was on trial with the shopping queens.
Whether you are rave or commercial, even if one day Barrio divorce
They will always love you.

But who is Charlie? Charlie was born near Annecy. Described as hyperactive, Charlie is above all a little girl who is always on the move, with a certain gift for getting noticed - rebellious since kindergarten even though she is a very good student and has a strong head. Lolita with a pale complexion with Asian eyes and shapes that isolate her... Charlie learns solitude on the banks of Lake Annecy, with the swan island in the background which also sets the scene for the piece Pale Pile – We must always follow the islands / And count the swans / I look ahead, otherwise I don’t move forward. Then begins a real obstacle course for a teenager whose life is tormented. She faces, observes and grasps reality. Writing arises in this way. She took refuge in literature, preferably Russian, and delighted in the works of George Bataille. In terms of music, she also has unique tastes for her age: Bérurier Noir, Public Image Ltd, Ludwig von 88, the French song of the @0's-70s and especially the post-punkettes of LiLiPUT. She was 17 when she decided to take her destiny into her own hands, the provinces were enough, destination Paris! Left to her own devices, she takes on odd jobs. The struggle does not distract her from this desire to embrace life and create. She loves art – Lettrism and Dadaism, collages – and is passionate about the cinema of Chantal Ackerman, Bruno Dumont, Jodorowski and Tim Burton without forgetting SF. She wants to make images.

She forced the door of a documentary production company and found herself in the four corners of the planet assisting directors who track down the beauty of the world. From the ice floes to Tierra del Fuego, Charlie travels. The horizon is widening. Then this singular physique was spotted by a modeling agency. Charlie strikes a pose. She faces the camera. But that's not enough for her, so between two photoshoots, with two of her friends, she launches the Woops Expérimental collective, and organizes performances in the arty clubs of Paris where art, photography, cinema and live music merge. Charlie loves total art. A jack of all trades, she always writes her stories. She tells this banal daily life of day and night, the shaky story of a youth who dreams of her life through statuses on the networks.


Prelocs: 15.-
PTR members: 10.-
20 years/20 francs: 17.-

From 16 years old
Children under 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an adult with a power of attorney signed by the legal guardian.

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