Dominique Hunziker & Josefa Ibarra

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Date(s) - August 12, 2023
9:00 p.m.

Théâtre de l'Orangerie


Price (CHF): Free


Latin pop / Switzerland/Guatemala/Chile

+ Roshâni, in the first part of the evening

Dominique Hunziker and Josefa Ibarra is an association of the musical projects of two artists from the Latin American scene for a summer. Their meeting led them to want to propose a musical concept together, mixing their own universes in a dreamlike moment lulled by the sound of their voices, guitars and bombo. This joint adventure foreshadows the release of their solo albums scheduled for November 2023.

Come and meet them, it's an exceptional and unique moment.

Dominique Hunziker

Dominique's songs are born from the belly of his guitar, lulled by the calm of the night. They take their breath in the voice of the singer and rush into the world to tickle the spirits.

You will hear the artist sing in Spanish words picked from the forests of his native country, Guatemala. The sunny rhythms of Latin America will mingle with the woody textures of verses in French and English.

The Mayan K'ichésera language will also be present: epic and solemn ritual, homage to the Guatemalan people. Following a debut album produced by Latin Grammy winner Gaby Moreno,

Dominique embarks on a journey that leads her to deepen her voice and solidify her artistic identity.

Josefa Ibarra

Already known through various musical projects, including the group Barlovento Sur, Josefa Ibarra is now dedicating herself to solo musical exploration. Her powerful voice, sometimes a capella, sometimes accompanied by strings and percussion, takes us on a musical journey marked by her Chilean origins and her encounters around the world. Josefa's music tells stories, bringing together traditional Latin American music with jazz and classical music. This triad is at the heart of the compositions and covers she offers.

Thus, Josefa offers each performance a parade of life and energy that varies each time.

Distribution :

Dominique Hunziker (Guitar / voice)
Josefa Ibarra (Guitar / bombo / vocals)

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