Et Levé ? – Cie Caractère

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Date(s) - March 3, 2023
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Price (CHF): 15.- / 18.-


Every day we have to get up, stand up physically, mentally, spiritually; as an immutable and indisputable obligation, symbol of our evolution and revealing of our degree of civilization. To be upright is to be strong, dignified, respectable, intelligent, awake; we try as soon as possible to perch far from the ground to give the best perception of ourselves. “And Leve?” comes to question this injunction, to rethink our gestures and our ethics through movement. A doubt sets in, then grows: do we necessarily have to straighten up to move forward?

In this piece, the dancers explore and live together in a world where standing is no longer the norm. Interactions change depending on the situation, switching from mutual aid to competition, from individualism to uniqueness. You have to readapt, rediscover your body and all the capacities it can offer.

L'Étincelle – House in the Jonction district
Avenue de Sainte-Clotilde 18BIS,
1205 Geneva

Prices :
Full: 18 CHF
Reduced: 15 CHF
Youth: 9 CHF
20-year/20-franc card: CHF 8
Culture voucher: 8 CHF

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