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Date(s) - March 16, 2022
8:00 p.m.



Price (CHF): 28


New head of the French-speaking female pop landscape, Janie takes us back to the France Gall or Polnareff years. Her soft voice with pure sincerity, lulled by tangy rhythms, makes us nostalgic for naive and innocent love stories. Young singer-songwriter, Janie – a mix between Julie, her first name, and Jany, that of her adored father – pays homage to French variety, without ever falling into kitsch or parody. A breath of fresh air, for our greatest pleasure!

Baron.e is pure oxymoron. This duo made up of Faustine Pochon and Arnaud Rolle from Friborg delivers us a universe between festive melancholy and violent fragility, a rainbow after the storm. Resolutely electropop, the music of Baron.e, tinged with new wave and exclusively in French, join groups such as Videoclub in their ode to nostalgia. Revolt of a falsely golden youth, the sequins and the dream send us straight back to the 80s, and we want more!

La Colère begins to rumble in 2018 with a first EP and then asserts its style with its crooner voice on joyful synth notes. Emeritus electro pop artist, in her latest project she explores hypnotic music, composed of bewitching synthesizers and exotic rhythms inviting you to travel. Independent and eager to remain so, La Colère harshly evokes artistic pressure in her musical and visual creations. A show not to be missed!

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