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Date(s) - August 25, 2022 - September 11, 2022
8:00 p.m.

Plaine de Plainpalais


Price (CHF): From CHF 20.70


After the success of the tour in German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino last year, we are delighted to welcome the comedy duo Full House on tour in French-speaking Switzerland. Bastian Baker is now part of the circus family and will set the mood with new songs and unsuspected talents.

bastian baker
Here we go for the second time: Bastian Baker enjoyed his successful debut on the track so much that he decided, to the delight of the Knie family, to accompany the show with music for another year. Bastian is now part of the big circus family. He even specially composed a song for the Finale evoking the magic of the circus. The charming Romand musician also revealed his artistic and humorous qualities, demonstrating an exceptional talent as a facilitator.

Full House Duo
Are they clowns? Are they comedians? Or “slapstick” cabaret artists? Regardless of the definition, audiences will undoubtedly be charmed by Henry Camus from New York and Gaby Schmutz from Effretikon near Zurich. During their performances they show a comic synchronicity that only a married couple possesses. Complicit partners, they skilfully combine word games, juggling, acrobatics and music in several languages. Audacious, sometimes excessive, they handle show business with a lot of spontaneity while remaining glamorous. However, beware: the two actors are not responsible for the stomach aches linked to the bursts of laughter.

Extreme Light
Dancing in the dark is the specialty of Extreme Light Dance Crew from Ukraine and Russia. With their LED costumes specially designed to light up to the rhythm of the music, these creative dancers achieve a real symbiosis between light, music and dance. During their performances, the young dancers offer a surprising fireworks display in a festive atmosphere. Together with the dancers of Circus-Theater Bingo, they enliven this year's dance show.

With Alex Michael, cold sweats are guaranteed when under the Cirque Knie marquee, 15 meters high, upside down and without security, he performs acrobatic feats. Alex acquired his artistic talents within the famous flying trapeze troupe “The Flying Michaels”. Today, this audacious Brazilian artist dares, upside down, a perilous walk hanging from loops and jumps from one trapeze to another, holding on only by his feet.

It's Dima
Handstand ATR (Reversed Tensile Support) is the name of the discipline that Dima Shine masters to perfection. As a sports acrobat, Dima Shine acquired the basics of his art before joining Cirque du Soleil. It was then that he met Victor Kee, a world famous juggler, choreographer and circus manager. Together, they created Dima's show, bringing together strength, body control and flexibility in an unparalleled symbiosis. In 2006, this performance, imbued with poetry, was rewarded with a gold medal at the Cirque de Demain festival in Paris. Since then, Dima has performed all over the world and now stops at Cirque Knie.

Duo The Kiss
Strength and elegance united to perfection: the talented aerial acrobat Kateryna and the former professional dancer Levgen have created a perilous spectacle of aerial pole dancing, based on total mutual trust. Their sensual acrobatics won the artists a silver medal at the International Circus Festival of Italy last year. Today, the Ukrainian couple presents for the first time an aerial pole dance number at Cirque Knie.

Priscilla Errani
Priscilla Errani dances up to 30 hoops around her body. The Italian simultaneously rotates the “hula hoop” rings with her legs, hips, arms and even her neck. Priscilla presents a classic of circus arts in a fascinating and unique way. There are few artists who can catch hoops thrown at such a breakneck pace. Priscilla was the guest in 2015 of the prestigious Monte-Carlo Circus Festival.

Duet Elms
Somersaults, somersaults and a touch of mischief are the hallmarks of the Olmos duo show. The Spanish brothers Rafa and Paco Olmos bring a touch of modernity to the classic discipline of the springboard. This is how an entertaining and innovative show was born, animated by spectacular jumps and agile rotations. An acrobatic performance that will not fail to amaze the audience.

World Premiere at Cirque Knie! So take a trampoline, a wall and state-of-the-art LED technology to create an innovative spectacle. Guido Errani, accompanied by three international jumpers, has developed a trampoline show which, thanks to the luminous elements, produces a unique effect in the dark. Ruslan Ulubaev is the creator of this lighting technique. He designed the costumes and programmed the LED wall himself, which he created after countless hours of work.

Mad Flying Bikers
The daring jumps of the intrepid Mad Flying Bikers have virtually no limits. Fan favorites from last season are back. For the new tour, the biker troupe offers us an even more surprising impetuous freestyle motocross show. For the first time, a quad will leap from the carousel's springboard and perform a “backflip” overhanging the track at an impressive height. A unique feat in the world that can only be executed thanks to perfect mastery and an ingenious technical infrastructure.

Circus Theater Bingo
The Ukrainian troupe Circus Theater Bingo is now an integral part of the Cirque Knie program, just like popcorn during the break. At each performance, to a frenzied rhythm and in their flamboyant costumes, the young artists of the troop launch the show through breathtaking and acrobatic choreographies offering a perfect introduction for the rest of the program. Circus Knie and Circus Theater: a great team: bingo!


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