MAUVAIS SANG (FR) – Bars en Fête

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Date(s) - March 17, 2023
9:00 p.m.

Floky La Loutre


Price (CHF): Pay what you want!


Free admission, hats off at the end of the concert
Mauvais Sang is a collision between the saturated sound of guitars (Mathis Saunier) and bass (Louis Dégrois) who dare everything, the majesty of the harp (Marion Pozderec), supported by an energized battery (Antoine Vercellotti) and raised by a poetic voice sometimes punctuated, sometimes with a dreamlike sweetness (Léo Simond). Under the direct inspiration of the eponymous film by Leos Carax, which offers an ode to the mixture of genres, it is with this spirit that the group draws on different sources to invent its own rules and an unusual essence that adds an operatic harp to a rock body. This unexpected meeting between song with text in French, contemporary classical music and industrial rock was affirmed with a first album, "Des Corps dans le Décor", and revisited with a remix album which will be released on April 5, 2023, in which they collaborate with , among others, Brisa Roche, Pierre Guénard and Melatonin.


Photo credit: Mickaël Adamadorassy Le Cargo

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