Nomade 2.0 – One Man Show – Wary Nichen

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Date(s) - March 15, 2023
8:00 p.m. - 11:45 p.m.

Floky La Loutre


Price (CHF): 25.-


Nomad 2.0 is a stand-up tale told by a citizen of the world with multiple identities. Political news and travel anecdotes in a typical Tuareg Gnawa atmosphere

Wary Nichen is a Nomad, he is part of the new generation of travelers, the one who travels by plane, so he has a lot of miles, in other words he is a Platinum Gypsy.

A nomadic artist has the advantage of being on tour all the time. That said, the reverse of the coin is usually found on the back of that same coin. A lot of people don't know Wary and he lives it well because it's mutual. Wary's universe can be summed up quite well in a quote from his parents: “A humor in the image of the business it generates: Very very fine”.

Drinks and catering at Les 4 Coins bar.

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