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Date(s) - June 7, 2022
8:00 p.m.



Price (CHF): 69.8


The Grand Reopening Tour

The American musical collective Postmodern Jukebox, created by Scott Bradlee, brilliantly interprets the greatest hits of modern music in styles of bygone eras. From Lady Gaga to Radiohead, passing by Billie Eilish or The Strokes, the troupe of musicians revisits the greatest contemporary hits with a retro touch.

Over the past decade, Postmodern Jukebox has gone from viral phenomenon to global juggernaut, amassing over five million subscribers on its YouTube channel and amassing over a billion views. By fusing fashionable current tracks from the past century with totally retro looks, the musicians are making their trademark vintage. Each of their video covers is a real leap in time. Recently, Postmodern Jukebox reimagined the theme of the TV series Friends through the evolution of 20th century musical styles, from 20s hot jazz to the original 90s version.

The pop-jazz phenomenon kicked off its Welcome to the Twenties 2.0 tour early last year, promising audiences around the world the most sensational 1920s-themed party. , the tour stops abruptly after only seven dates. Today, Postmodern Jukebox is preparing its big comeback that will amaze an audience of all generations, eager for vintage pop music!

Postmodern Jukebox, the collective renowned for transforming pieces into often surprising styles and associations by placing “pop music in a time machine” will perform on June 7, 2022 on the mythical stage of the Alhambra in Geneva.


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