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Date(s) - June 4, 2022
7:00 p.m.



Price (CHF): 75.- < 125.-


Freeze Corleone joins the poster for the fifth Geneva edition of the Beat Festival moved to Saturday June 4 and replaces PLK.
After several postponements of dates due to the health context, all lights are now green for the N°1 hip hop festival in French-speaking Switzerland to set the Geneva Arena on fire on Saturday June 4th.
Starring the flagship rapper of the 667 collective, a big name in French rap, who replaces PLK on the program for this fifth Geneva edition and will perform alongside genre heavyweights Niska, Oboy, Gazo, Frenetik and Luv Resval.
A 100% urban, exclusive and unique menu, to be enjoyed without moderation or health restrictions.

Ready for the return of the turn up?

Freeze Corleone has shaken up the codes of French rap, which has since propelled him among the biggest headliners in this environment. A unique flow and lyrics strewn with references to manga, science, pop culture and self-fulfillment make it almost a coded rap.
His youth was shared between France, Canada and Senegal where he co-founded with his brothers in arms the rap collective “667”. Mysterious artist, little information has been disclosed about him. Freeze Corleone has never given any interviews. After his last solo album released in 2020 and quickly becoming platinum, he returns in 2022 with a joint project entitled “Riyad Sadi” in collaboration with artist Ashe 22, member of the rap collective “Lyonzon”.

He came into the unknown, he will leave unforgettable! Today, Niska is in the minds of millions of people thanks to a rap that does not leave anyone indifferent. In France, but not only: in barely more than five years of career, the rapper from Essonne has established himself as one of the most flamboyant standard-bearers of French-speaking music outside French borders. And it's anything but a coincidence, so much Niska's impertinence disconcerts as much as it fascinates: each of her hits is a shot of adrenaline that you can't do without.

Gazo is not riding the drill wave: he is the origin of the tsunami that is turning the French rap game upside down. Attracting attention with his series of freestyles, it is at the beginning of 2021 that he transforms the test with his mixtape “Drill FR”. With a heavy and dark sound, a deep, scratchy and threatening voice and collaborations with heavyweights like Jul, Kaaris, Koba LaD, Hamza or Gims, Gazo proves that he is the standard bearer of this rap sub-genre that devastated everything in its time in France in 2020. At 26, he did not change to find success, but waited for trends to change for him to come to him. Let it be said, the throne is not vacant: Gazo has put his grillz there.

After having collaborated on titles with Koba LaD and Aya Nakamura, received an invitation from Jorja Smith or DBLOCK, Oboy decides to return without featuring on his second album. An introspective and dark album, in which Oboy reveals himself more and more. The singularity of its flow, its recognizable punchlines and its sense of melody make this album a true and promising album. Armed with his nonchalance and darkness, Oboy is ready to rock The Beat.

For Frenetik, rap is above all about using words to tell the truth. The young rapper arrives in a rush from Brussels with his first album “Jeu de couleurs”, 14 tracks recorded without calling on any other rapper, but surrounding himself with the cream of production. Frenetik wears his name well: his sensitivity and sharp flow do not leave anyone indifferent. Combined with a precise text and a heavy voice, the Brussels resident has everything at hand to con+nue to climb the ladder.

A plurality of talents resulting from hard work, this is the strength of Luv Resval. Capable of building all kinds of rap, he is recognizable by the fluidity of his lyrics, his melodious choruses, atmospheric atmospheres and electric flows. Close to the dark side of pop culture, Luv Resval released “Etoile Noire” last June and linked references without tainting his melancholic and precise lyrics. In just a few months, the Alkapote protege has come a long way.


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