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Date(s) - November 18, 2023
8:00 p.m. - 11:45 p.m.

PTR - Post Tenebras Rock (L'Usine)


Price (CHF): ENTRANCE: 38.- Pre-locs: 35.- PTR members: 28.- 20ans/20francs: 30.-


Postponed from 02.06.23 to 18.11.2023, all pre-sold tickets remain valid.

We regret to announce that for personal reasons, ARMA JACKSON must cancel his appearance for the concert planned at PTR l'Usine, Geneva this Saturday, November 18, 2023 as a co-stage with Vacra.

Our thoughts are with the artist and his loved ones to whom we send our most sincere condolences.

TCO Prod and PTR present:

Mysterious, sudden and full of promise. This is what characterizes the new success of Vacra. In just a few titles (Plan Séquence, Nunchaku, Mécanique & Tiki Taka) released on the platforms, without promotion, the name of the artist immediately aroused public interest and questioning.

With music borrowing from the codes of song, rap, and with an androgynous voice creating doubt about his identity, Vacra is the fruit of his generation. Delivering music that breaks free from rules, image and genre, he intends to compose in complete freedom and without the slightest concession.

Locking it in a box is impossible, the artist indeed enjoys constantly flirting with hip hop, r'n'b sounds, or even with afro or caribbean tempos, always with his suave voice venturing into the treble.
A skillfully worked medium to convey what motivates his words: his love of women, sensuality and love in itself, drawing inspiration from his present story, those of his past and those of his loved ones.

If he does not say much about his rather classic past, Vacra easily evokes the years spent experimenting alone in the studio, distilling all his influences, marrying them together to obtain this unique sound, which he still struggles with today. today to qualify:
“Ideally my fans can label my music whatever they want, I'm a jack-of-all-trades and after years of experimentation the music I'm releasing today is probably the best version of myself and what I have to offer”

A sentence that says a lot about the artist and the wave of success he is currently experiencing. A wave that has arrived head-on, and which would like to put him in the spotlight at a time when he wishes to maintain the freedom of his anonymity. No crude marketing calculation behind this lack of face, if he knows that he will one day have to show himself, he prefers today to let people's imagination run wild, and let them project their desires onto his music. While he continues on his side, to shape his color and his musical identity, which already make him a singular and unprecedented proposal in the French musical landscape.

Vacra will reveal itself a little more to its public with its first EP to be released soon.

Born in Geneva to a Swiss mother (musician and music teacher) and a Congolese father, Maray maray (musician, composer) Tshanda Sangwa grew up in the DRC in Kinshasa. After a more than difficult beginning and living in slum towns, Tshanda, then aged 5, was contacted to sing an advertising spot: Bébé rico, a spot which caused carnage throughout the country and even beyond, throughout Africa central, even in the European and American diasporas.

After this dazzling success, the child prodigy released other hits under the name Bébé Tshanda: Leja bulela and Maria Mea. Barely 6 years old, he also filled the large Stade des Martyrs with more than 60,000 people.

In 2018 Tshanda brilliantly obtained her Bachelor in Music Performance. At the same time since 2016 he has been working on several singles: NA MONI YO, NZELE, VALEU and FAIS LA TOURNER, the latter totaling more than 320,000 views on YouTube in two weeks.
In 2020 Tshanda won a competition created by Tayc on a cover of his hit “Moi je prove”, he was subsequently spotted by Fayi from Hustler agency who took him under his wing and helped him on his journey.

In 2021 Tshanda released a few singles including “My Lady” which has more than 200k streams on Spotify, he also opened for rapper Ninho in Ouagadougou.

In 2022 he released his first project TLS (Tshanda love stories) which contains 5 titles.


Pre-locs: 35.-
PTR members: 28.-
20 years/20 francs: 30.-

From 16 years old
Children under 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an adult with a power of attorney signed by the legal guardian.

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