: locate the fountains around you !

Are you thirsty? allows you to find a drinking water fountain instantly from your mobile phone.

It was while cycling through the Geneva countryside on a sunny Sunday that the idea for this project was born. Any sportsman leaving for a few hours of ride, takes his bottle filled with water. That day, it was particularly hot, and the water bottle emptied faster than expected. And there, no water fountain nearby and no way to find one to quench your thirst!

Free access and contribute by adding a fountain on the website:

What if we made access to drinking water available through a mobile web application?

+ 459 fountainsin Geneva and elsewhere

Participatory websiteA fountain is missing?
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Cantonal distinction for sustainable development(Geneva, 2016)


GE-Soif was produced by students at the computer school of the Technical Professional Training Center (CFPT) in Petit-Lancy, as part of web workshops given by a teacher, Jasmina Travnjak.

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